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Needed: Expert HTML coder 4 Web Project (English) (Santiago de Chile)

Since we are such a small community, we would very much appreciate your passing this info along to friends and co-workers who might be interested or know someone who knows someone.... Thank you!

The project:

Create web page templates that match "design mockups" in PDFs, which we will provide. The PDFs contain graphic page layouts that show exactly what the web pages should look like. Provided are specifications such as page layout dimensions, fonts, styles, and colors.

-A large part of the job will be coding HTML and CSS by hand.
-May use popular industry-standard CSS and JavaScript routines.
-We will provide a guide to our company's standards and styles of coding HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
-Final work will be HTML plus CSS files that match the PDF mockups.
-All work must be fully documented and commented.

Skills required:

-Excellent skills in creating websites by hand-coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript
-Experience and knowledge about creating websites that are mobile-friendly, following best industry practices in Responsive Web Design.
-Fluent English speaker
-Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
- You will need to provide written and oral reports of your progress, and you must write comments throughout the code that explains each area, routine, etc.


-Must have own private location in which to do the work - home or office; preferably not a public place
-Must have own computer and high-speed internet connection
-Must be willing to install some app tools on your computer for accessing the server and editing the files
-Must be able to attend occasional meetings in Lo Barnechea

How to Apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter stating your interest and qualifications to: Protected content

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