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Needing advice about migration to Chile (Santiago de Chile)

Hello everybody,

I have the German nationality and would like to go to Chile for work.
I am looking for advice, specially from Germans living in Chile.

Following questions:

1) Would you recommend me first to apply for jobs in Chilean companies from here and then go to Chile in case of invitation to any job interview? or

2) go to Chile and give my CVs, applications to the companies of my interest staying for at least one month to see if I get a positive response...

3) How does the Work Visa work? how long does it normally take til I get the visa?

4) Which institutions should I give my documents for work visa to? should I resolve it out here in Germany or should I do that in Chile?

5) Which documents are required for the work visa according to the Chilean authorities?

I would really appreciate any help as it is urgent.

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