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Quick Spanish Q about "meet/join" reflexive verbs (Santiago de Chile)


I'm having a little trouble understanding reflexive verbs that deal with the concept of meeting up or joining other people. Can you help me out?

E.g., unirse, juntarse, etc.

When I want to meet up with somebody, what pronoun do I use?

E.g., If I wanted to say, "I'd love to meet up with you!", which is correct?

- Me encantaría juntarte!
- Me encantaría juntarme a tí!

In other words, should the reflexive pronoun refer to the person who wants to meet up (e.g., myself) or to the person I'm meeting up with?

Now, things get a tad bit more complicated. What if I were saying that to a group of people from Spain?

- Me encantaría juntarvos! — "juntarvos" doesn't appear to be a real word in Spanish!
- Me encantaría juntarme a vosotros!

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