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Recommending my Nana (Santiago de Chile)


Hi everyone!
if someone of you is looking for a nana 1 or 2x a week i can highly recommend our nana.
As we are having a demand for Protected content a week now we have to find someone new, but i want to make sure that she might find someone else who needs a helping hand.

We asked her to do the appartment cleaning, ironing and once in a while for preparing dinner , very tasty.
She is available , as i said before, 1 or 2 times a week , in the afternoons.
She charges 21.500 , that includes her fee and her busticket. we never actually negotiated her price, we were just lucky to find a reliable nana when we came here.

i handed her over the keys from day 1 and never felt anything suspicious.

If one of you is interested drop me a message and i provide you with her contact Details.

have a nice day

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