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Schools in Santiago- Moving with 3 kids (Santiago de Chile)

Hi. We will be moving to Santiago at the end of May Protected content , and I am starting my school hunt now.

I have read through your posts about schools in Santiago and taken notes. Thank you for the great ideas! I thought posting this again might generate even more ideas!

We have three kids. I'm worried about my 13 year old because I want him to eventually get into a good university. He speaks Portuguese and some Spanish. His Spanish isn't good enough to take high level courses without support in English.

My 7 year olds are in a dual language immersion program here. I think they could handle a program in Spanish, although I prefer they get some reading/ writing in English. (I can also do that at home. I am a certified teacher.)

Thank you so much for your help. I'm very excited to eventually meet some of you in person!


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