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Soon to arrive in Santiago to look for a job (Santiago de Chile)


I'm French with a bachelor degree in marketing and a master degree in international business, 5 years experience in sales and marketing in France, Spain and the USA. I'm about to move from the USA to Santiago on February 23rd to look for a job in marketing or business development. I'm planning to go to Santiago as a tourist and look for a job there and ask for a working visa. I've had a look at the embassy website and I'm kind of confused about all the types of visas and don't know which one would be the best for me. From what I understood the " visa de residente" is the most practical since no strings are attached with the company I would work for but I'm not sure about the process. Could someone explain me step by step and the usual time frame?

Apart from that, since I'll be a tourist when I arrive I think it's not going to be easy to rent a place to live, from what I've understood landlords won't be eager to rent me an apartment without a RUT and a working visa.... Do you guys have some advice to give me?

Thank you.


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