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southward ho !!! (Santiago de Chile)

greetings :) :) i am planning to retire to the lakes district and any information about this would be very helpful.

i have been living in peru for 4 years so am a little familiar with some things ;) ;)

need to learn of any resident type cards / visas.

also need to learn if i will be able to open a bank account and obtain internet and cell phone services with my passport . i currently have a good contract with nextel in cusco so am going to ask them if i have any options :) :)

also wondering about housing and/or space for a small business costs and types of contracts available

i am arriving in puerto varas for a visit on the 20th of august for 8 days :) :) so am planning to look around and get some general information during that time and then return in a couple of months for good !!

i need to mention that i will not be looking for 'work' :D :D only perhaps opening a small snack shop / internet cafe / mailing center / gathering place in the puerto varas area :) :)

i understand that obtaining a year long visa is possible with proof of means and that the process might even be somewhat easier in the 'provinces'
thanks in advance for any suggestions
peace, meli