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Spot Hope Network (Santiago de Chile)

"Translation is often regarded as a project for transferring meaning from one language to another. Translation is an art and science and it is a form of communication between languages". It is the replacement of a representation of a text in one language by a representation of an equivalent text in a second language levels, the most important equivalences are that of meaning. Translation is very important for cultures and that what helps us to transfer our cultures to everywhere.
Although literature and art are critically important in any culture and education, and although the literature has always been a subject area with a strong international dimension, contacts between modern literary and artistic works of these cultures have been limited in number and highly informal. A clear need has been identified to advance and improve joint cooperation projects between many Cultures and Arts.
In our project, we are going to translate "CULTURES" not words, to make a change in minds, and to give a good idea about the rights that people have to get in knowing the culture of the other. For this reason, this project will be a special one for culture and society. We will try to draw, paint, play and write every single moment of expats lives, so it will be the best cultural guide for any reader likes to know more about literature and culture around the world.

Who are we?

SPOT HOPE is the name of our [GROUP, CULTURAL CENTER & SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE] we are entrepreneurs from Palestine, USA & Chile, have the same ideas and aims which we want to achieve. We are working as a team to achieve the same goal, we want to make the life more comfortable, and to achieve a high level of communication between CULTURES.

The final product

We are establishing a [GROUP, CULTURAL CENTER & SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE] which works to reunite many cultures around the world in one place, to be the biggest social network of expatriates and people to share their experiences or to make use of those experiences. We are trying to make people share experience, skills, media and information.

We are looking to solve these problems:
Most of the social networks are dealing with people living in their countries.
No social network is specialized to be for expatriates, and to make them share their experiences and daily life.
People in any country interest in knowing more about the people of their countries who live in other countries how they live and succeed.
In Chile there is a big problem with the English language, so we are trying to offer the best Chance for the Chileans to learn English with the minimum cost.

Our Solution:
Our social network will be the best place to share experiences, skills, life circumstances, and the media about the life of expatriates and their success in outside their countries.
Our site has a complete encyclopedia of information about expatriates, and will be a global reference and encyclopedia for expatriates around the world.
Create a means of communication between expatriates and their countries and people whom they know in their own countries.
Our Cultural Center is the best place to share your experience by volunteering and getting the chance to have a good new experiences.
For The Chilean students our institute will provide the best solution for the ENGLISH language problem in the Chilean society.

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