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Start up of new group: "Free Friends" (Santiago de Chile)

Hi InterNations Persons

I would like to start up a new group to be called "Free Friends". It will be for those who wish to follow Socrates' advice that "the unexamined life is not worth living"...that is, this group will be for those who value self-and-other-knowledge; it will be discussing ideas from every area of the Human Condition such as philosophy, poetry, politics, economics, education, the "New World Order", etc.

The emphasis will be on critical thinking for oneself toward the half-truths and whole-lies disseminated by the "mainstream media" as mouthpieces for governments and the "Banksters" who fund and control the "Power Elite".

I will be offering free digital books and articles on a huge range of topics and I hope to find in Santiago enough people who value "personally responsible freedom" to meet, say, once a week for one to two hours at a cafe convenient for all.


Jack (of All Free Trades), Santiago

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