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Temporary Visa Notary Questions (Santiago de Chile)

Hi all,

I am in the extremely fun process of applying for my temporary visa (investment). I have collated all the documentation, but just hoping for some clarrification on the notary aspects:

1) if the general documents (Photocopy passport, photocpoy of tourist card) needs to be legalized by a notary?

2) I have copies of all the documentation of the investment company, I assume all these need to be legalised by a notary? BUT, I do not have the originals with me, as all the information was pased onto me by my future socio by email. Is this going to be a problem? I dont want to go to a notary only for them to say come back with the originals in hand.

3) Do notarys cost and how much? Is it usually a per item, or per visit fee?

Thanks in advance,

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