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Where to get Creme Fraiche in Santiago (Santiago de Chile)

There seems to be no Creme Fraiche available in Chile, at least not in supermarkets in Santiago and from what I found on the internet.

So I was checking how to ferment it myself with the necessary raw ingredients.
In general this is done by mixing Crema Fresca (the one that needs cooling, which in the last 3 weeks I have never found in any supermarket neither, but at least sales personal swears they have it and it is just out of stock) and Buttermilk and then let it ferment at approx 25 Celsius.
Problem is: buttermilk is not available in Chile neither, at least no one knows what it is in stores and among local friends no one know neither. Maybe there is a product with similiar characteristics, but I wouldn't know if it serves its purpose and where to find it under which local name.

Anyone any ideas where to get either Creme Fraiche or the ingredients for it?

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