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X-mas gifts for children. (Santiago de Chile)

Dear expats:
Every X-mas our national post office (Correos de Chile) collects hundreds of letters addressed to Santa Claus written by little chilean children who live in poverty. These letters are available for anyone who wants to fulfill the kids’ dreams. You can check them in Protected content simply going to the head office of “Correos de Chile” located in Plaza de Armas.
If you choose a letter and want to play “Santa Claus”, you can send their gifts for free, handing them in to Correos de Chile or simply going to the kid’s home during December 23th or 24th.
Personally, I have done these for a couple of years and the experience to deliver the gift personally it’s unforgettable. However not always it’s like that and take into consideration that in some cases it could be dangerous. If you want more details feel free to email me.

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