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Advice for Moving to Brasil (São Paulo)

Oi, tudo bem?!
I'm Lunden, and I've been planning and saving to move to Brasil in May of next year! I've been doing tons and tons and tons of research on what I need to do to make the big move! I was hoping to get a little insight from you all on what to expect, challenges you faced and that I might potentially face and how you overcame them, really just any and all advice you have for a future expat!!
I have tons of questions, but one of my biggest ones would be:

What is the best way to stay as long as possible in Brasil? getting a tourist visa I understand that I can stay 90 days at a time, or get an extension for a total of Protected content per year, correct? So would it be best to just leave Brasil every 90 days and then return? What do you suggest?


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