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Any IT Service mgmt opportunities in São Paulo?

Hi everyone!

I am a new InterNations-member, are from Sweden and live in São Paulo since the end of February. Without going into to much details (I will try... hehe)...

I am a senior IT Service management (deliver IS/IT as services) consultant combined with a senior trainer in ITIL (ITSM theory). I have approx 13 years of experience from the IS/IT-industry, mostly governing and/or coordinating roles, and have a B.Sc in System Analysis from a Swedish university. In short my profile can be summarized as a business oriented "do:er" in the IS/IT community.

Does anyone know about any job opportunities within this area or IS/IT, and then not technical (developer etc)? Or possible great forums/sites or likewise for getting in touch with people that does?

All info/hints/likewise is greatly appreciated... I do a really good Caiperinha Sueco and promise to reward information leading to something really concrete.. ;-)

Take care out there!

// Nick

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