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Any musician in our community ? (São Paulo)

Ok, I m not sure how lucky I ll be with this post but I ll give it a try anyway.

I guess (I hope ?) there are some other folks down there who played in some bands in their not-so-long-ago youth before getting dragged to an expat life; still carrying around their guitar/keyboard/bass/saxophone (not really confident about the drums though), not knowing what to do with it anymore ?

Well at least my old Gibson and I are somehow feeling lonely. So if you're interested in playing in some none-professional band, or just to jam a couple of hours a week, let me know. And if we can have a gig in some pub after fighting over a cover set (yes, I said cover, got a problem with it ?!), this will be even better.

If we are enough frustrated musicians we could even rent a room in T Sampaio for an afternoon - maybe different bands could come out of it, who knows ?


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