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Brazilian visa (São Paulo)


I don't know if a thread like this has been posted before. If it has I apologize in advance. I am looking for some information regarding living in Brazil. I have checked online and asked some friends and had conflicting answers. Here is my situation;

Myself and my wife (Brazilian) got married in Ireland in January. We are now in Brazil and have registered marriage here and done all the necessary paperwork. We are going to Policia Federal Friday to start the process of getting my visa to live in Brazil. What I want to know is - Am I allowed to work while I wait for Policia Federal to come and interview us and while I am waiting for the visa? Some people have told me there is no chance and you just have to wait until you get the visa. Others have told me I can when I get my protocol and ask for a SINCRE then I can go get my work book. Would just like some confirmation on this please as need to work but won't if I can't.


Conor Hennessy

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