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[Discounted] For Sale - Brand New PS3 320G (São Paulo)

Hello, Everyone.

I am selling PS Protected content + 2 motion controllers.

Actually one of my friend asked me to get those from Korea, since it's way expensive here, but he went away to the other state, so I am selling it.

I didn't even open the box.

I saw the prices around R$ Protected content only PS Protected content here in Brazil,
(and they don't even have the 320G)

Here is my price.

PS Protected content R$ 1,100
PS3 motion controller(2piece): R$ 250/per piece = R$ 500

If you buy all at once, I will sell at R$1, Protected content

[Notice] This console is from Korea. so,
*it might be for 220V, you'd better have the transformer (or buy one)
*all the PS game titles are regional code free, so you can buy the title here and play
*for Blu-ray DVD, it might need to be code-freed from the game shops.

if interest, please send me a message.


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