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Enjoying The Last Month of The Year!! (São Paulo)


To me, a year of lots of learning,transformation, understanding the past and finding new ways for my future,new people, and the possibility of evolving.
From all of the things I have learned, one of the most important is that behind every mask, every sip of alcohol, every insecurity, every attempt in a new course or environment or even in everytime we try to prove we are so intelectual,or even behind every crazy behaviour coming from me or frm people that cross my way , are deep inside coming from one single heart's desire: HUMAN CONNECTION.
All of us, no matter how, or even those of us who try to lie to ourselves, love this human connection, and the possibility of being loved and within this good human energy. This is actually what matter, and is hidden behind all those excuses we find to get there.
Having understood this in me, I invite everyine during this month of December to really loose our shyness , and really go out there with people, meet new humans, hug them and feel their energy in return!
This is what really matter and honestly, what gives us smiles!

And I hope that with this practice during December, it streches to our Protected content !

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