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Foreign Exchange (Sending and Receiving Money) (São Paulo)

Hi There!

We are the first FX office in Brazil looking for the optimisation of Foreign Exchange rates, trading and cash management.

We work with a number of financial institutions (local and internationally) such as Daycoval, Banco Paulista, Ouroinvest, Lloyds, Standard Bank, etc, and we can find solutions for saving money in transactions, lower rates and spreads. Negotiations via FFX are the most cost and time effective, lower costs than dealing straight with the banks themselves.

We have a list of active clients, and therefore we are able to take advantage from the flow of transactions that we generate per month, and therefore negotiating attractive rates.

In short, FFX is an operator that serves also as 'compliance' where we introduce new clients (PJs and PFs - 'Pessoa Fisica e Juridica) to our partner banks, offering a customize service, less bureaucracy, lower 'rates and spreads'than the financial institutions and others institutions such as Western Union, Moneygram, and Brokers.

In addition, we do NOT charge 'advisory fees' nor 'commission fees'. Our profit is generated only by performed transactions / remittances by the clients to our partner Banks.

Please note that we work with companies as well as individuals (in Brazil Pessoa Juridica e Pessoa Fisica), starting from Protected content transactions.

If any questions please feel free to contact me:

Marina Ogata
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