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Furnished or Unfurnished for family of 4 (São Paulo)

Hi all,

We are family of 4 and moving to Sao Paulo in July.
We are trying to decide if we should get a furnished apartment or unfurnished one.
I can think of following pros and cons -

Pros - no need to wait 4 months for stuff to arrive from US via customs, paperwork, etc, easy to move within Sao Paulo, no need to worry about buying very expensive appliances in Brazil
Cons - rent is expensive, losing on the relocation benefits (the company pays for the container to be shipped), not many choices of apartments

Pros - rent is cheaper, more availability/choices
Cons - need to wait Protected content for the household items to arrive from US, need to buy appliances (either in the US and bring over, or in Sao Paulo and spend a fortune), need to worry about maintenance for the appliances if bringing them from the US, etc.

The company pays for an entire container to be shipped to Sao Paulo from US. But we are told that it takes about 4 months for us to get the items in the container due to cumbersome customs and bureaucracy.

Please let me know which one you would go with: Furnished or Unfurnished?

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