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German child/medical care in SP (São Paulo)


hi all - we (my husband and my two-year-old daughter) will move to SP early next year (Feb/Mar). We will stay there for two years. I am really looking forward to this great opportunity. I think it will be fantastic adventure.
Nevertheless I don't yet know a lot about the circumstances of our future life there meaning we don't yet have a house, don't know yet where to live (Campo Belo/Alto da Boa Vista is what I got recommended the most), where to find a good child care (if possible a german one?), are there german-speaking medical cares around? I know that I have to learn portuguese when living there as english is not commonly used in SP, but as long as I don't know this language, it would be easier at the first beginning of our time there to know some german places to go. Do you have any advices or recommendations? your feedback is really appreciated - thanks a lot in advance!

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