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Hell week - New year bootcamp! (São Paulo)


In early January the Internations Fitness and Training activity group is running the following activity in Ibirapuera. For non members or first-timers please feel free to sign up.


New Years is a great time to make resolutions: get fit, drink less (drink more), run a marathon, etc. in January I am setting a challenge for all those who want to make Protected content year!
Between Wednesday the 8th and Friday the 17th January I will be running a 10 day boot camp designed to test your fitness to the limit.

The training will run every evening (Monday to Friday) @20:30 in Parque Ibirapuera. On Saturday 11th we will train in USP in the morning and on Sunday 12th we will have a short day trip away from São Paulo.

The training will be different everyday and will be designed to push you no matter what your current fitness level is.

The event is a way to raise money to buy new equipment for the club to make our Protected content even better! The entrance fee for the challenge is R$100 to be paid in cash on the first day. If you complete every session you will get your money back.

If for any reason you cannot make a session it will still be great fun and I promise you will feel more energised and uplifted afterwards. The activities will have options for all fitness levels but to get the most out of it you should at least be capable of running 5 km and doing 10 push-ups (flexoins) and 3 pull ups (Barras).

If you have any questions about the event please email me on Protected content

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