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Help - seguro for rental? (São Paulo)

Good morning!

We've recently arrived in the Sao Paulo area and are living outside of the city in a small town. We're currently in corporate housing but have found a permanent home that we are prepared to rent. After coming to an agreement on a price, our realtor asked us how we would be providing a guarantee for our rental. These are the options that she gave us:

* Fiador - Basically a person or company promising to take financial responsibility for any damage that we might cause.
* Seguro - Coverage against damage provided by a bank or insurance company.
* Deposit of Three Months of Rent

We don't have a fiador (employer doesn't provide it), so we're deciding between seguro and the deposit. My concern with the deposit is who is in control of it? If the homeowner claims we caused damage and we dispute that claim, how is it resolved? I fear that the homeowner could have leverage over us and find a way to keep the deposit above any fair compensation for any actual damages.

However, I also fear the cost of seguro? How much does it typically cost? What is the best place to get it at a good price?

I thank everyone for any advice from your experience in renting a home in Brazil. How did you handle the guarantee? Was one required or are we being asked something above and beyond normal?

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