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How to obtain work permit/temporary visa? (São Paulo)

Hi All,

I have some questions regarding job search/work permit, maybe you can give me some info. I recently start to look around for work possibilities in Brazil. I found that what is really difficult is not really finding a job, but finding a company willing to start the long and heavy procedure of applying for a working permit.
I have been working as a junior auditor in KPMG Amsterdam for already two years. I thought the easiest would be to apply for a job within KPMG Brazil, given that I have few contacts at managerial level in the company that would support my application in both, the Rio and the SP office. The Rio office is not willing to start the visa application for somebody at my level (too junior). The Brazilian manager that was supporting my application suggested me to start an independent application for a working visa. How likely it is I will obtain one without a job contract? Does anybody have a “success story” in this respect?

In general I would like to know in my position, which are all the viable ways to find a job and/or obtain a working visa in Brazil?

I have a master degree in economics, three years working experience, the last two within the audit department of KPMG, speak fluently English, Spanish, Italian, intermediate level of French and beginner in Portuguese (but already understand pretty well written/spoken Portuguese).

Any info/suggestion/contact will be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot,


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