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Indian/Korean Markets & Ingredients (São Paulo)


Bom dia Expats/Paulistanas!

I love to cook, and would never let someone else do my cozinha! :) Sadly, my favorite cuisines are Indian and Korean, but we rarely eat out and in Pao de Acucar, Hirota, etc. the selection makes me sad. When we lived in Liberdade, we couldn't even find kimchi in any of the Korean restaurants we tried. !?!!!??!

Are there any Korean, Indian or observant food shoppers who know where I can buy the following things:

- Garam Masala, Curries, Coriander
- Panir
- Saag Greens (mustard, fenugreek, etc)
- Cumin SEEDS (not cominho "em po"!), mustard seeds
- Green Papaya?

- Gochujang
- Kimchi (no shrimp)
- Daikon or Korean Radishes
- Fish Sauce
- Spam (horrible, I know!)

Before anyone suggests the Mercado Municipal, have you seen any of these things there? I would so much rather find a dedicated mercado for Asian foods! If I could find these things, I would never miss Boston again, never.

Bencaos a todos,

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