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Is anyone coming to NYC? Will pay to bring my cat (São Paulo)

Hello everyone. I recently came back to live in the US after having spent 6 years in Brazil. I was able to bring my dog, but now I decided it is time to bring the cat that I adopted in Sao Paulo. He is staying with a friend of mine.

I contacted some 'despachantes' and they want an average of Protected content so that he could be shipped as cargo. That's way too much. I am looking for someone trustworthy who can bring him to the NY / NJ area and would pay $200 dollars for this favor. My veterinarian would provide the vaccine information and all you would have to do is to go to the airport within 72 hours of your scheduled departure to get the Certificate from Ministerio da Agricultura and then on the day of the trip travel with him in the cabin (he would be in a small carrier under the seat). The person would have to be a permanent resident of the US or an American Citizen. I will also pay for the cat's ticket. Please let me know if you or anyone is coming here from now until July and who could do this for me. Thank you. Protected content

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