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JA367 (São Paulo)

Hi everyone! I frequently join and enjoy our monthly Internations get-togethers and think that our ambassadors are doing a great job in organizing these events! Most of the time the locations picked are great. My favorite of course was the Terraco Italia, but I also enjoyed a lot Alberta 3, Radio Café, that candle-light chacara in Pinheiros as well as many others.
However I think that the bar JA367 was a disaster! People had to wait for an hour to pay before being allowed to leave, items that were not consumed were charged and prices on the bill were higher than on the menu! For me this is reason enough to never go to that bar again... But to my big surprise I got answers like "who cares" and "welcome to Brazil" from other people in line that I tried to warn. Am I the only one who gets annoyed by this kind of behavior?

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