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Jobs/Headhunters (São Paulo)

Hi everyone,

I have been working in Lima, Peru for the last year doing the online marketing and copy writing for a Peruvian construction and real estate company. I am pretty fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and am a native English speaker (from California).

I have a B.A. in Psychology and Industrial Organization. I also hold Uruguayan residency. I often hear from Brazilians that lots of companies want native English speakers and if you speak Spanish and Portuguese it is a plus. But how does one go about finding these companies? And are they really willing to sponsor someone? I have always offered to pay for the visa fees, so long as the company is willing to sponsor. I always thought that was a fair offer.

I really want to work in Brazil (actually live permanently) and am after just about any position or opportunity available, outside of teaching English (that is not a career choice for me). Do you think that headhunters would be able to find something for someone with a Bachelors, or is it more geared toward higher education applicants? Would they be able to find something for a person who does not already have a work visa?

Does anyone have contacts or recommendations for headhunters?

Thank you very much for your time and help, you do not know how much it is appreciated!


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