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Looking for accomodation in Sao Paulo (São Paulo)


I recenty moved to Sao Paulo from London on a 2 year assignment and in the process of looking for accomodation. My office is on Avenida Faria Lima and ideally would like to live in a neighbourhood within easy reach to the office- will not be travelling by car, so ideally would walk or prefer to use public transport such as buses/metro.
I am currently here on my own but my wife and son (5 yrs) old would look to move later on in the year.
I would like to find an upmarket 3 bed apartment (furnished to international standards) in a convenient locality- do not wish to be in fully expat location as would like to also interact with brazilians. Proximity of schools would also key in deciding location.

I have not seen much of the neighbourhoods of SP, other than Itaim Bibi, Iburapuera park in the 1 week that I have been here.

Would be keen to get suggestions for areas to consider or if anyone is aware of rental properties that take into the above- pse get in touch via email on Protected content


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