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Looking for answers to my questions - please help (São Paulo)


Hello all,

I am Lena and I really need your help! It won't take long to answer the questions, so please help me :)
I am writing a bachelor thesis and I need to find out what expats want/need when they move to Brazil for work.
The topic of the bachelor thesis is: Assistance-Services for employees who are relocated with their job position to Brazil. The goal is to find out what kind of assistance services are needed for Brazil. Therefore the current assistance services will be compared with the wishes from the relocated employees. This question sheet has the goal to find out your wishes.

General questions:
1.What kind of thoughts did you have when you were expatriated?
2.Did your company or an assistance service provider tell you what kind of risks you need to be aware of when living in Brazil?
3.What kind of assistance services did you get?
3.1.Were only you allowed to use them or also your expatriated family?
3.2.What kind of assistance services did you find important?
3.3.What kind of assistance services didn’t you use, or did you find unnecessary?
3.4.Did/Would you pay with your own money for assistance services? Please explain why.
4.What was the greatest risk for you?
5.Do you think your company supported you enough?
5.1.Where did you wish for more support?
6.What kind of assistance services did you get from the following areas:
6.1.Traffic accidents?
6.2.Terrorism and crime?
6.3.Political unrest and change of government?
6.4.Natural and man-made catastrophe?
6.5.Health risk and health protection?
6.6.Safety in the work environment?

7.If there were disturbances/protests/demonstrations because of the election of the new president and his governance, what kind of services would you wish for?
7.1.Did/Will you get that service?
8.If there were crimes/robbery/blackmail in public transportations because of the poor infrastructure, what kind of services would you wish for?
8.1.Did/Will you get that service?
9.If there was terrorism what kind of service would you wish for?
9.1.Did/Will you get that service?
10.If there were laws, which were passed to protect the public, that weren’t followed, what kind of services would you wish for?
10.1. Did/Will you get that service?
11.If every Brazilian person could carry a gun, what kind of services would you wish for?
11.1.Did/Will you get that service?
12.If there were catastrophes like landslides and avalanche, what kind of services would you wish for?
12.1.Did/Will you get that service?
13.If there was an infection risk for diseases, what kind of services would you wish for, if you get infected?
13.1.Did/Will you get that service?

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