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Looking for your old "useless" phones... (São Paulo)

Hey everyone,

over the years I've had many (new) friends coming to Sao Paulo and one of the first things they need is a local/unblocked phone to get themselves going and to talk to friends, real estate agents etc. I've often been able to help, I had some old phones (non-smartphones) that were just lying around collecting dust, and these often proved lifelines for new arrivals here. But now I've run out of these phones, they all been lent out or simply disappeared over the years.

If any of you have a similar problem of old phones cluttering your cupboards, perhaps we can come to a win-win-win arrangement where we take them off your hands (=declutter), give them to new arrivals (=communication lifeline) and make good use of 'old' handsets (=sustainability / circular economy).

If you like the idea, get in touch... of course it helps a lot if the handset is already unblocked or has a pre-paid SIM in it rather than a contract. Also, it would be great if it comes with a matching charger. :) Finally, I'd advise you to delete any personal messages, photos and other data before you hand over the phone to me or anyone. I'll do a quick double-check before I hand out a phone to someone else.

Let me know if you have any questions - I already have several candidates waiting for a cheap new phone while they get themselves set up here with CPF and all the other things you need to get a phone locally.

Cheerio, thanks for your help!

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