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Main difficulties for expats in Sao Paulo/BR (São Paulo)

Hi all,

I am Brazilian, so you might be asking what I'm doing in the Sao Paulo Expat forum... Well, I have lived in Australia for 5 years, came back until my Permanent Residency process gets approved over there, and it may take a while to get ready. Moving overseas has changed my life, and since I came back I've been trying to share accommodation with OS people, and still be around the expat lifestyle, even in my home town.

Something that I noticed from this period that I'm back is the amount of foreign people that are arriving to Brazil, and that is expected to continue growing. Knowing my own country, I am sure that it must be a nightmare for some of you guys to settle in. Bureaucratic public services, lack of English speakers, and all the normal cultural differences that are part of an expat beginning of life in a new country, are definitely enhanced here.

So, I see an opportunity here of helping people out and, why not, a business opportunity in the future maybe. But I believe that the first step is to understand well where the main issues are, which were the main situations that you guys struggled with, where do you see that some help would have made your life much easier.

So, I would like to hear these experiences. If you don't want to expose it to everyone, feel free to write to me in particular, but the intention here is to help everyone's life in Brazil easier, because it is, definitely, one of the best places to live in this beautiful world, and it will just get better...

Cheers everyone!! :)

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