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Moving to SP from New Jersey, USA (São Paulo)


Hi All

I am very new to this forum. My company is planning to send me to SP Brazil (Brazill Branch located in Tambore, Barueri )for a one year assignment. Some of the questions that I have are

1. Is it easy to find housing close to my company's location. Should I do the search or leave it on the company to get my housing. (Is this a safeplace for kids)
2. Do I need a Brazilian Drivers license to drive in Brazil or can I get a International Permit.
3. I will be working as an emplyee of my US branch and will be paid in US. Do I still need a CPF #
4. since i cook.. are there any indian stores or any other supermarkets where I can buy indian groceries (Rice, wheat flour, Spices etc)
5. How important is for me to learn Portugese.. since I dont know any of it.

Appreciate all your ansers

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