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New Guy in Sao Paulo looking for fun things to do. (São Paulo)


Hi, im new to Sao Paulo and am looking for fun stuff to do, places to go, people to meet while im out here.

im out here on sabbatical for 3 months. joining my partner who is here working. has im not working i have a lot of spear time during the days. I was hoping to maybe start some Portuguese lesson so i can get to know some basics while im here.

would be cool to meet up with anyone that might be in the same situation as me. that maybe has some spare time and is up for getting to know sao paulo and exploring. thats upfor going for a coffee, lunch or a drink. maybe even start some capoeira or samba classes?

also was thinking of maybe doing some voluntary work out here. so if anyone knows of how i might be able to find some i'd would be most grateful.

thanks in advance


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