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New project to foreigners in Brazil - Questionary (São Paulo)

Hello everybody,

First of all: We are Karina Vernizzi, Sergio Silva and Amanda Galioni from São Paulo. We have lived as expats in Europe and US and we came back to Brazil to develop a new work project last year. We experienced all kinds of typical expatriation difficulties, so our aim is to help foreigners who face the same kind of problems in Brazil. We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals ( Cross-cultural psychoanalysts, Linguists, etc. ) from the bests universities in Europe and Brazil and we want to explore our competences to provide free or low cost services to help foreigners and companies on their adaptation in Brazil in all aspects: cultural, material, linguistic etc.

We've created a questionary to know better how good your life in Brazil is, what your main necessities here are and everything else you want to tell us. This information will remain confidential and anonymous. The goal of our work is to facilitate your integration in Brazil, improve you quality of life and help you avoid common mistakes. If you want to contribute and answer our questionary, please leave your e-mail adress.

To return your kindness, we will provide you a special activity to show you the “Sao Paulo historic center” and tell you some secrets about this city. After our activity, we will go to “Salve Jorge” a typical “Paulista” bar and restaurant where we will answer your doubts and share our experiences.

Thank you very much,

Auriê Team.

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