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New study group (São Paulo)

Hello everybody, I just thought I let you know that I have started a new activity & you like to invite you to participate. The idea is to seat confortably around a nice cup of coffe or tea and freely talk, discuss and learn about different Thinkers, be they psychologists, spiritual or practical leaders or simply any one who, through their own minds, contributed to your personal growth & development. I am a devotee of Carl Gustav Jung and Joseph Campbell, but quotes from May West & Marilyn Monroe have also lift up my spirits more than once. Any line of thought in the area of personal growth is welcome (Freud, Buda, Maturana, Christ, Mafalda or even Calvin...). let´s expand our horizon because we never know...something that has work for you can work for somebody else or vice-versa!
This is not meant to be group therapy, just a free exchange of ideas and positive/neutral/negative experiences, ok?
Thank you & all the best

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