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Physical training in the park anyone? (São Paulo)

I was wondering if anyone fancied a spot of physical training in the park this Saturday (or in future). I am new to SP and it would be good to meet some people without the presence of some of the 'organised fun' I have experienced to-date.

Below is a general outline I put on another forum. I would be keen to know if anyone fancies a more regular session in the week.

Timing: 12.45 (not Brazilian time!) on sat 14th
Location: West of park by the entrance closest to Prof . Fidelfo. Meet under long roof.
Concept:Bit of running intervals and some circuit training designed to accommodate (and push) all levels. Possibly a coffee, beer, beverage after if people fancy.

Any thoughts welcome.

Ps I may also be hungover so this is not an excuse!

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