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Portuguese Group (São Paulo)

Hey people!

I have seen many threads about language exchange on Internations, many people interested in practice Portuguese, but nobody has taken the initiative to create a group.

So, here I am :-) I am Brazilian and I moved to Sao Paulo recently. I lived in Australia for a year and I am very grateful to all the native speakers that helped me improving my English. And now, I would like to do the same for the expats that are here in Sao Paulo.

I suggest that we get together once a week for example for a "Portuguese time" where we speak only in Portuguese (no English...haha). And to make it more interesting we can go to a bar, or we can go dancing, or even in a picnic in same park. Anyway, we can think about it when the group is formed.

So, if someone wants to be a part of this group, just leave your email and I will contact you. Also, leave some suggestions of things we can do. And of course, Brazilians are also welcome to this group.

Talk to you guys soon!


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