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Renting in SP? (São Paulo)

Hi all

I am currently looking for an appartment (btw, 1 bedroom apt, close to the metro and respectable distance from paraiso, so if you hear anything :)

Anyways, so I have visited a few places and they all offered a 30 month contract, plus asked for a fiador (even 2!!!) IN São Paulo, or they mentioned a 6 or 8 month deposit that should theorically be returned at the end of the contract!!!!

My question is simple : How do expats rent a place here?

I have a 24month visa, why would I sign a 30month contract?
I just moved here, where would I find a fiador, in SP, who owns 1 or 2 properties?

As for the deposit, 6, 8 months? seriously? And according to a lot of people, I shouldn't expect to get it all back.

Please, tips, info, help, all welcome.

Obrigado e bom fim de semana !!!

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