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Schools in Sao Paulo advise (São Paulo)

I would like to find out more about schools for expats in Sao Paulo, we have been given a list of schools to choose from. I would love some parents who send their kids to the different schools to comment about some of my questions if you dont mind. And if you dont mind me calling you, I can to talk more about this. my email address is Protected content

Here is the list

· Protected content Escola Graduada de Sao Paulo
· Protected content Mobile Educação Infantil
· Protected content Mobile Ensino Fundamental e Médio
· Protected content Santa Cruz
· Protected content Vera Cruz
· Protected content Viva
· Protected content (See-Saw)
· Protected content . Paul's (British School of Sao Paulo)
· Protected content . Nicholas
· Protected content . Francis College
· Protected content Dual

Does your child attend any of these?
How long do you have to travel each way. Which area do you reside in.

What do you think of the fascilities like library, labs, quality of classrooms etc
Do they have good results for international exams
Does it have a good reputation? or do you think there are other better schools you would prefer to send your child to?
which are the top 3 schools in sao paolo?
Does it have good quality teachers
Do they have technology to help learning, like projectors etc

What questions should I be asking when choosing the school in Sao Paulo?

Are there any other comments you would like to share with me about these schools?
Which area do you live in and how far is it from your kids school?

Any advise you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you cannot advise me, are you able to put me in touch with parents who have children already in these schools so I can ask them?


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