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Security issues in Sao Paolo (São Paulo)


My husband and I will be moving to South America by the end of the year. Sao Paolo and surrounding areas might make the most sense from a business perspective. I am a seasoned traveler and have been an expat on 4 occasions living in Argentina twice, Puerto Rico and Switzerland. In addition to English I speak Spanish and French and embrace new experiences and adventures. That said, I am concerned about living in Brazil for a number of reasons, primarily security issues, and quality of life issues in Sao Paolo Protected content , few green spaces ) . However, before we cancel it out as an option I would like to hear from other expats regarding their experiences in the city. Also as I am doing my due diligence, I would like to know what communities outside Sao Paolo might be viable living options that address some of our concerns. I love nature and have two dogs that I take for long exercise walks. Any information you are willing to share with me would be greatly appreciated.

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