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Self Defense in Sao Paulo (São Paulo)

Self Defense in Sao Paulo with Douglas Belton ( Protected content )

I had my first ever self defense lesson this week and I came away feeling confident, strong and “schooled” about how to keep myself safer. I also came away feeling like I had had a good workout. Bonus!

In about an hour I learned how to get myself out of a choke hold, evade and counteract a knife attack, inflict a bit a bit of pain and then get away from the situation safely. The important thing Douglas teaches is not so much how to beat up the attacker, but how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, get out of the situation (should you find yourself in one) and how to get away.

Douglas began by outlining the concepts that underpin this form of self defense (Krav Maga) based on practical and manageable moves that don’t require super ninja skills. I got to practise on Douglas (who stands at …. 6 foot and a bit?) and I was surprised to see how the techniques he taught could be effective regardless of size and strength.

Douglas teaches how to use your reactive/instinctive reflexes and common sense. His instruction is straight-forward and open, and the session is completely non-threatening in terms of not feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. Douglas structures the session so you can practise the basics until they begin to come naturally, and the drilling allows for correction and review of how you’re doing. I found this really useful as it helps you to develop the right attitude and technique.

If I don’t ever get to use the things I learn from these sessions in a real situation, great! However, like health insurance, it is a good investment. Whether you’re in Wellington, Apia, London or Sao Paulo you never know who might be scheming about what you have in your bag, pocket or apartment etc. So if you’ve thought about doing some self-defense but have (or would like a refresher), this is a good opportunity to arm yourself with a bit of knowledge that could safeguard your well-being.

Cheers all and be safe! T

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