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Self development-how to live more happy&Healthy? (São Paulo)

Hello everyone!
Me and my wife Raquel have just arrived to Sao Paulo, we help people to be more successful, happy and healthy by cultivating the inner world of subconscious thoughts and emotions.
Some come to us when they have a crisis, it can be health, relationships, career, parenting or general unhappiness.
You don't need to wait for the crisis to erupt, we invite you to explore your inner world, the subconscious powers that control you, your inner values, needs and real goals.
Most people are used to function in daily life, solving problems and achieving goals, but many times we forget to ask, way this problems come to me? What do I really want and for what purpose I participate in this rat race?
I walk in the city seeing so many beautiful people walking with closed heart, serious face, fear of interaction and a luck of joy, my heart is full of passion to change that.
We can help you in an individual session in person or on skype and we invite you also to learn various techniques we teach such as:
Quantum Being
Woman empowerment
Parenting as an act of miracles
Dance and movement
Sacred love relationships

Check out our free Palestra this Wednesday 23.9 about ThetaHealing
A way to activate the potential of our brain, connect to the divine and transform life through Theta brain waves and meditations.

DIA 23/09 às 19hs R$: Contribuição Consciente
Local : Palestra : Casa de Prajna
Rua Engenheiro Francisco Azevedo, 567. Vila Pompéia

Informações :
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Confirme sua presença no evento do facebook aqui : Protected content

Basic DNA2 course of Theta Healing is available very soon in
Sao Paulo, Campinas, Brasilia and more.
See details here:
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All the best and hope to connect!!


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