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Selling Xmas Present: ASUS Tablet w/ Dock fm USA (São Paulo)

Hey y'all I'm moving to SP on January 10th. I have a great new tablet, ASUS EEE Transformer TF101 with Android operating system, bought it during black Friday and realized for research I need a Windows powered tablet. This is a new Tablet, I've usedit a couple of times to check my email but have factory-reset it so you can sync it to your Google account. Comes with the keyboard dock that is amazing, it recharges the tablet so you can go a couple of days without charging! keyboard has SD card dock and 2 USB ports, the tablet is 32g memory with mini sd card slot if you want to add more memory. Honestly it is a beauitful machine, just doesn't fit my needs!

I also purchased an extended 1-year warranty through NewEgg because I bought the tablet refurbished, it is awesome and great to watch HBO GO or listen to music, I'll bring it down to sell if anyone's interested!

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