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Sent cash to brazil and bank keeping 10%!! (São Paulo)


I converted a large amount of dollars into realis with Western Union in November and sent that money as REAIS, so I wasn't going to get a bank rate, but sent reais as a way of getting a definate rate at the time of sending.

The bank asked for a bunch of doc.s (anti laundering) and all was signed off and complete (took a month).

Now they want to convert that money to US$ and then back in reais, converting with 1.96 then back with 1.78.

I will lose almost a lot of reais in this double transaction pointlessly converting reais to US$ then back to R$, this equates to me losing about 10% of the money in this pointless double conversion.

The bank is Santandar.

I will refuse this double shitty conversion to take 10%.

Please can anyone offer any advice or contacts to avoid this double bank conversion money grab?

Vern Muir
Sao Paulo

Looking for advice on getting money to Brazil (want to buy somewhere to live)!!

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