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Sharpen your IT knife! (São Paulo)

In times like these its pure survival to sharpen yourself, making yourself and/or your organization smarter, stronger and more efficient. We are offering a course that aims to do exactly that, called, do more with less, using international best practices, new technology and other clever concepts in IT. IT is not anymore a technical thing, it’s an integral part of everything we do today. We are very certain this course will bring a lot of value for anyone looking to use IT smarter to gain more business value. The course is nighttime, in portuguese and it is coordinated with more courses in adjacent areas to enable networking and business opportunities for our course participants.

There are no courses like this on the market today, you need Protected content that will focus on one aspect instead of all aspects at the same time. There is already a line but a few spots are still open on the first run in March. Read more about it and sign up on

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