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Simple Budget Tips for Sao Paolo (São Paulo)


I am on the point of being relocated to Sao Paolo by my work and although accommodation will be provided, I will be responsible for my own costs. Does anyone have a simple budget outline for a single 28 year old living in a reasonably nice area of SP, and working max. 30 minutes away?

Key items I'd appreciate an estimate of monthly cost on:

1. Local travel (i.e. taxi or metro 3 times per day assuming no car)
2. Food (assuming eating out most evenings)
3. Going out (i.e. cost of a beer)
4. Cost of long term (2 year) car rental/ownership

5. Any other key cost items given I have no kids, and have health insurance covered by my company.

Any views on whether it is necessary/desirable to have my own car? I'd love not to, but think this may leave me quite isolated at the weekends.

All help gratefully received!


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