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SP Book Club - 3rd Ed., August. Dubliners by Joyce (São Paulo)

Hello Guys! I was off for a few days...but here I am!
As you might know by now, we've decided to take a trip to Dublin, the city of Joyce's youth. The same "glow of a late autumn sunset" that covers green and lush walks also "cast[s] a shower of kindly golden dust on the untidy nurses and decrepit old men" (p. 65). Joyce is as likely to describe a man passed out in a pub bathroom as lamplight falling on the curve of a girl's neck. You can find a summary here: Protected content

I bought Dubliners at Fnac Paulista, and payed R$5.90. Not expensive at all. It is from a Pinguin very cheap edition! There are tons at Fnac.

As for the deadline, how about the last Friday of the month? That would be August 26th. Please, let me know if the date is convenient for you all.

Here's the book in pdf: Protected content

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