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SP Book Club 3rd edition meeting was great! (São Paulo)

The evening was lovely! It was so good to discuss Joyce's stories on a chilly clowdy evening...made us feel we were in fact in Dublin...hahahha...Liz, it was so good to hear the poetical descriptions of the Dublin you carry in your heart! Thanks again. Diana, Eloise, Victor, Liz and Renata, thanks for the intelligent comments, your views on the world and your precious perspective of life, so necessary when reading the guy who happens to be James Joyce :)
As for the rest who was not able to make it last night, there is more!
We are thinking of getting together again to discuss some of the stories some of us were not able to read. It might be in two weeks. Tell me what you think. It would be great if everybody could come!
Last but not least, lots of books are in our wish list, but we came to the conclusion that reading Orhan Pamuk is going to be our next challenge! I'm opening a thread about it in the São Paulo Book Club group.
Join us!!!!!

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