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Survey on cultural experiences while abroad (São Paulo)

Hi Everyone,

I moved to Sao Paulo a few months ago for a university exchange. Needless to say, I've really enjoyed my time here. However, some academic work needs to be done, but so I'm happy to be able to turn to you guys for some help on this assignment.

One of my classes is on cross cultural management and we are looking to do a paper on how well people respond to living in foreign cultures. We've put together two surveys that look at how we adapt and respond to the challenges that a new culture brings. In order to fit our categories you need to be either a Brazilian who has lived or worked abroad for a minimum of 5 months, or a foreigner who has lived in Brazil for at least two years.

Would you help my team and I out by filling out the following two surveys for us? The approximate time it takes to answer is Protected content . All information is solely for academic use and will not be passed on to third parties.

Here are the survey links (please make sure to answer both)

Thank you a lot for your help! I really look forward to reading your responses.



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